Build a Successful Business, Brokering CRE Loans

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    1. Purpose & Outcomes

    2. Purpose & Outcomes Recap

    3. Laying the Groundwork

    4. Groundwork Recap

    5. Timelines & Expectations

    6. Timelines Recap

    1. Lender Buckets | Overview

    2. Fix-and-Flip Loans

    3. Commercial Bridge Loans

    4. Perm Loans

    5. Specialty Financing

    6. Establishing Lender Partnerships

    7. Primary Bucket

    1. The Client Lifecycle

    2. Leads

    3. Prospects

    4. Clients

    1. Set the Stage

    2. Tactics & Strategies

    3. Laws of Averages

    4. Sales Theory

    1. Key Partners | Overview

    2. Referral Partners

    3. Processing Partners

    4. Title & Insurance Parters

    1. Key Partners Line-up

    2. Create Marketing Material

    3. Start Originating

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  • 28 lessons
  • 9.5 hours of video content

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“This course was worth every penny. Everything I learned is being incorporated into my loan brokerage. The money I paid for this course was toilet-paper compared to the amount of value I received!”

Robb Sullivan | RSV Funding | ARF Financial Partner

“That was a SOLID course! Thanks for putting that together. It was the advice I wish I had when I first started down this journey!”

John Reid | Reid Lending | American Association of Private Lenders Member

“John's Masterclass was exactly what I needed. I had all the tools, but was missing direction and leadership. Now I am making 6 figures consistently with my business. ”

Edina Bonhoeffer | LNG Funding Inc.

“Great course. If you want to fast track your brokerage, this is the course to take. Wonderful tactics and strategies that have help my company stay focused in the right directions. Glad to have met John. ”

Brenden Jonassaint | Vision Financial Services

“College level education here! If you are looking to take your commercial lending business to the next level, this is it. John is a master at teaching you how to reach 6 figures in this Real Estate niche!”

Jeff Wiresinger | Pelican Capital Funding Solutions

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